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Welcome! I’m a Mind, Body & Spirit Alchemist!

An “alchemist” is someone who takes one substance & transforms it into another. Alchemy is the art of transformation, inner liberation & positive change, freeing one of fears, limiting beliefs & lack of self-acceptance. As an INFJ intuitive that strongly feels energy of others my journey has been a long process of learning how to transmute anger, sorrow, pain & rage into love, joy & forgiveness.

I started out my life as most with the tender, innocent & benevolent spirit of a blissful child. I was born into a caring family in a small town in Western Canada. From my earliest years, I was pure energy! My heart bursting with love & curiosity towards all of life's miracles. However that open hearted energetic bliss did not last for long.

Significant trauma in my life occured, including a motor vehicle accident that resulted in a broken neck, significant nerve damage & years of chronic pain. Several abusive relationships as a result of being an unawakened highly sensitive codependent empath & a chronic string of loss in a multitude of areas of my life led to many years of dissociation, disconnection, depression, anxiety, severe panic attacks & finally CPST. The suffering was so relentless & long standing I no longer wished to be alive.


Gratefully I was blessed with both a childlike sensitivity & the tenacity of a warrior spirit!


I have always been a seeker which I know now was spiritually gifted to support my soul's purpose. The immedicable intense suffering & relentless pursuit of peace was my initiation to becoming awakened & edified to fully intuitively guide others & expedite their healing journey.


As I navigated day to day in survival mode I miraculously managed to complete a Bachelor's of Science & Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare & became a Healthcare Professional. Concurrently, I was led to study many areas in conscious psychology & natural healing methodologies in hopes of ridding myself of the relentless suffering I was persistently enduring. Over decades I had tried it all & found some relief in different areas but it was predominately a blind stab in the dark with no expectations for enduring solace. 


Then I was intuitively guided to a shaman in my home area. I had a one hour session.

The energy release was profound & life altering! I was back! I could feel my essence, my heart, my soul & who I was for the first time since being a little girl!

Once I had a reconnection to self & source, it led me on an extensive healing & learning journey incorporating shamanic practices & powerful ancient medicines such as Ayahuasca, Iboga, Rapé, Sananga & Kambo. The medicines proved a powerful healing tool in conjunction with shadow work integration.


Exploring the dark liberates the light.


I then compiled my decades of knowledge & practical expertise & began a deep dive into the connection between inner childhood trauma, attachment theory, ancestral trauma & energy transference.


I have been blessed to work with and learn from so many talented healers & teachers over the decades. 

Once I was reconnected to self & source, I could in hindsight reflect on all the research, education & healing modalities I had applied over the decades & it was crystal clear where the gap existed. One can go to a counsellor for years but if one does not transmute the trauma within the body & reestablish the connection to the spirit, the mind will continue to recreate the same karmic patterns as opportunities for whole healing. This is all too apparent when you observe the human condition & repetitive cycles that occur within dysregulated individuals & the unvaried unhealed cycles passed down through generation after generation.


Furthermore, meditation sets the precedent as the leading technique that regenerates brain function, regulates the nervous system & allows connection to the higher self. This is a foundational healing technique used since the beginning of time because it brings awareness to the mind, the body & the spirit simultaneously. However, depending on the souls energetic sensitivity, trauma trapped in the body & the auric field; meditation will continually be interrupted & challenged if not impossible to achieve for comprehensive established regulation. This is where the Om assessment is key to identifying what areas require clearing first to lead to consistently acquiring that meditative or Om state. 

The mind controls, the body remembers & the spirit knows.


Souls become liberated when the trinity works together in natural flow as divinely designed.


Just like that the "Om Activations"

were channelled

& birthed! 

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  • Om Activation Intuitive Assessment

    30 min

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My Philosophy

Through the blessing of intuitive intuition I have been gifted the innate ability to identify, perceive, understand & feel the blockages & shadow elements in an individual. Incorporating the "Om Activations" with this capacity I work with souls to uncover the unconscious blocks in the mind, body & spirit to return to their divine blueprint.


Om Activations involve identification, acknowledgment, clearing, realignment & reconnection to the souls innate blueprint & intuition. Once reconnected with intuition we work together to strengthen that crucial aspect so it becomes natural to trust self & source for guidance.


My intention is to lead souls to liberation where they do not have to heavily rely on anyone but self (intuition) & source to

live life to their fullest potential! 

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